kylie lip kit

Which Lip Kits Would Lex and Livia Wear?

Kylie Jenner

What lipstick is more perfect for Lex and Livia when fighting the bad guys in "Time of the Twins" than the Kylie Lip Kit? They can battle the PCF or zip through the The Hub on a speeder ... and never smudge their lip color. But although Lex and Livia are identical twins, they don't share the same fave shades. Check out which shades Lex, who is based on me, would wear and then go to our Lex and Livia site to see Livia's shades!

The more rebellious of the Cosmo twins, Lex loves a bold lip! Vampy shades like Spice (raspberry plum), Leo (deep burgundy) and Dolce K (deep beige nude) perfectly reflect her darker, unruly side. What else would she wear while shooting a blaster?!



Dolce K